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Company Overview

Representative KENICHI IRYO
Location 403-2 Sannoucho, Inage-ku, Chiba, 263-0002, Japan <MAP>
Establishment January 20, 2006
Capital ¥10,000,000
Number of employees 20 people
Business Description ■Design, manufacture and sales of ultra-high pressure, high-temperature and low- temperature test equipment
■Design, manufacture and sale of high-pressure gas production facilities and specific facilities
■Design, manufacture and sale of high-pressure generators (gas compressors, etc.) and pressure vessels
■Design, manufacture and sale of cryogenic cryostat
■Measurement, monitoring, control panel design and production
■Software development, PLC, touch panel PC (VC, LabVIEW, etc.)
Factory authorized, etc. ■High-pressure gas specific facility manufacturing/High-pressure gas manufacturing facility
■Governor of Chiba Prefecture (Inert gas, Nitrogen, Helium)
■JIS B 8285 pressure vessel welding method confirmation factory (P-8, 12 mm)
Member Organizations ■The High Pressure Gas Safe Institute of Japan (KHK)
■The Japan Society of High Pressure Science and Technology (JSHPST)
Delivery/Business Partners ■National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
■Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
■National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
■National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED)
■Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)
■Inter-University Research Institute Corporation High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
■National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)
■Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF)
■Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI)
■Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)
■Hydrogen Energy Test and Research Center (HyTReC)
■Thermal Management Materials and Technology Research Association (TherMAT)
■Korea Research Institute of Standard and Science (KRISS), Korea
■The University of Tokyo
■Kyoto University
■Tokyo Institute of Technology
■Tohoku University
■Osaka University
■Kyushu University
■Hiroshima University
■Chiba University
■Ehime University
■Kumamoto University
■Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
■Waseda University
■Toho University
■Zhejiang University, China
■NEC Corporation
■NEC Platforms, Ltd.
■TOYOTA Motor Corporation
■NIPPON STEEL Corporation
■Kobe Material Testing Laboratory (KMT) Co., Ltd.
■JFE Steel Corporation
■KOBELCO Research Institute Inc.
■KYOWA Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd.
■IHI Corporation
■SHIMADZU Corporation
■Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
■Rigaku Corporation
■Japan Metals & Chemicals (JMC) Co., Ltd.
■TORAY Research Center, Inc.
■TOYO Engineering Corporation
■Samsung R&D Institute Japan Co. Ltd.
■Panasonic Corporation
■Tokyo Electron Ltd.
■TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd.
■Iwatani Corporation
■Fujikura Ltd.
■OCC Corporation

Access Guide


By Train
・It takes about 6 minutes by taxi from “Yotsukaido Station” on the JR Sobu Line.
・It takes about 20 minutes by taxi from “Inage Station” on the JR Sobu Line toward Route 66.


By Car
・It takes about 7 minutes from Chiba-kita IC.
・It takes about 16 minutes from Anagawa IC.

Office building

List of Equipment

Pressure testing equipment Hydraulic driven ultra-high pressure gas compressor Discharge pressure: 300 MPa
Hydraulic driven high-pressure gas compressor Discharge pressure: 250 MPa
Air driven high-pressure gas compressor Discharge pressure: 120 MPa (3 units)
Electric high-pressure gas compressor Discharge pressure: 40 MPa
Air driven hydraulic pump Discharge pressure: 600 MPa (2 units)
Ultra-high pressure precision gauge 700 MPa, NAGANO KEIKI (2 each)
Ultra-high pressure gauge 7,000 bar, HEISE (2 each)
Ultra-high pressure precision gauge 200 MPa, 300 MPa, 500 MPa (2 each)
Pressure gauge 1 MPa to 150 MPa (2 types each)
Precision pressure transducer/amplifier
(For safety valve operation test, etc.)
MinebeaMitsumi, 400 MPa
KYOWA, 200 MPa
Leak Testing Equipment Helium leak detector SHIMADZU, MSE-2000S
Helium leak detector SHIMADZU, MSE-3100
Vacuum exhaust system
(Turbo molecular pump)
Vacuum chamber for helium leak test Size: ID ø400 × Depth 800 mm
Stress/Stain Measuring Equipment Strain gauge converter (Data logger; 30-Ch) KYOWA, UCAM-60B
Machinery equipment Lathe machine YAMAZAKI MAZAK, MK860
Milling machine YAMAZAKI GIKEN, YZ-75
Upright drilling machine ASHINA, AUD-550
Drilling machine HiKOKI, B13S
Sawing and cutting machine HiKOKI (2 units)
Pipe machine(Thread cutting machine) REX (2 units)
Air compressor ANEST IWATA, CFP75CB8.5
AC/DC dual-purpose arc welding machine HITACHI, AD-STX (2 units)
Welding positioner KOIKE, LD-60RW
Automatic hydraulic torque wrench PLARD, PL210SC (210 ~ 2,100 N·m)
Stainless steel electro-polishing machine,
Welding grilled winder,
Ultrasonic cleaner
Measuring instrument Outside micrometer Mitutoyo, Range of measurement: 0 ~ ø500
Inner micrometer Mitutoyo, Range of measurement: 0 ~ ø500
Bore gauge Mitutoyo, Range of measurement: ø2 ~ ø500
Digital gauge Magnescale, Range of measurement: 0 ~ 100 mm
Gauge block Mitutoyo, 1 ~ 100 mm (for each)
Precision surface plate Mitutoyo, Size: 600 × 1,200 mm
Surface roughness measuring machine Mitutoyo, SJ-310
Brinell hardness tester IMAITESTER, Baumann hardness tester
Force Gauge for Material Testing Machine (Loop Tester) Loop dynamometer (10 kN) Maekawa, LD-1D
Loop dynamometer (20 kN) Maekawa, LD-2D
Loop dynamometer (50 kN) Maekawa, LD-5D
Loop dynamometer (100 kN) Maekawa, LD-10D
Measuring Instrument Ultrasonic thickness gauge TOKIMEC, UTM101
Ultrasonic thickness gauge PANAMETRICS, M35
Radiation thermometer ANRITSU, AR-1600
Vibration meter RION, VM82
Sound level meter RION, NA-23
Oscilloscope KEYSIGHT, DSOX2014A
Handy calibrator YOKOGAWA, CA150
DC signal source HiOKI, 7011
Strain generator KYOWA, CAB-E
Strain sensor checker KYOWA, WDS-500A
High-voltage withstand pressure tester HiOKI, 3173
Memory high logger HiOKI, LR8402
Borescope (endoscope),

CCD camera/Light source / CRT

CAD Auto CAD, Inventor 6 licenses
SOLIDWORKS 3 licenses
Color plotter A0 size, CANON, iPF780
Color laser printer (copy/scan) A2 size